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Dark Goddess Creatrix Retreat

Molalla, oregon

Dates coming soon

Reconnect to the power of your intuition and magic of creative cycle work


Tune in to the cycles of life and reconnect to the wisdom of your body.

3 Days, 2 Nights in Second Growth Forests

Spend 3 days and 2 nights in beautiful second growth forests in Molalla, Oregon, about an hour outside of Portland. The property is private land at the confluence of two rivers. Cabin bed and camping options available. Accommodation and all plant-based meals included. See pricing options below.

Yoga, Meditation, Sacred Ceremony and Astrological Ritual for working with the cycles of the Moon Included

Morning and evening yoga and meditation guided by Erin McMorrow, certified yoga instructor and craniosacral therapist, and Sarah Paasch, yoga instructor and evolutionary astrologer.

Learn about your intuitive powers and commune with nature

Enjoy a balance of free time in nature and optional guided discussions about the energetic universe. Erin and Sarah will offer guidance and answer questions about energetic principles and what it means to get grounded, astrology, and the cosmos. Take the time to get in touch with your magic.

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Plant-based food, lodging, and guidance included (all deposits $397)

Camping Spot with Tent: $597

Shared Cabin Queen Bed: $797

Solo Cabin Queen Bed: $897

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Erin McMorrow

Erin McMorrow, PhD, is a certified yoga instructor, craniosacral therapist, coach, and author. She has been running retreats since 2014, and this is her second Getting Grounded retreat at Trout Creek Wilderness Lodge in Oregon. Erin is the creator of the Getting Grounded online course, and is the author of GROUNDED: A fierce feminine guide to transforming our connection to the soil and healing from the ground up. She is most interested in connecting to and navigating the energetic universe in a way that heals the body and aligns with the divine feminine. She is deeply committed to healing the planet through inner and outer work. 

CRAVE Adventure-Lost Sierras

graeagle, ca, usa

July 24-28th 2019

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CRAVE Adventure Lost Sierras is the first-ever CRAVE that allows the greatest lessons to be taught by Mother Nature. Meaning, we’ve swapped out learning modules lead by the CRAVE Team for Adventure modules leading you into the great outdoors.

Each day, you will be met with a new adventure into the surrounding lands. Hikes, Mountain bikes, and Stand-up Paddleboarding are a few of the items that will be sandwiched between morning yoga, evening Jacuzzi and conscious-living discussion modules. And as always with CRAVE Retreats, the adventure will live on long after your time in the mountains as you receive 40 days of followup Life Mastery Coaching from certified life coaching.

Don’t just have a transformational experience... Be transformed by it.

meet CRave creator, rocky russo

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When you join CRAVE- Adventure you can expect

  • Daily practices in the sacred arts of Tai Chi, Yoga, Kundalini and meditation.

  • Epic adventures into the lost sierras, for hiking, mountain biking, and stand up paddleboarding

  • A menu custom-designed to deliver the most prana and the most delicious and nutritious local flavors (2 meals/day included)

  • To RELAX fully into a paradise that caters to connect You to YOUR HIGHEST SELF.

  • Divine connection with a community of lightworkers, peacekeepers, and adventure seekers


After returning from CRAVE you will

  • Embody Your established life mission

  • Be empowered to hear the wisdom of higher self and possess the practice/ adventures to support your vision

  • Talk your friends’ ears off with stories of the profound effect Mother Nature gifted you

  • Begin a journey of long-term support by receiving follow-up coaching from certified life coaches to further integrate new habits

  • Have gained a family of conscious-living, light-spreading souls who are sure to remain friends for a lifetime

  • Come explore a world of personal empowerment by being brave enought to explore the unknown, to learn something new, to try on a different idea or two, and to discover what it is that You truly CRAVE.