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Our true essence is love

I Support Every Level of Soul Awakening

Welcome to my virtual home! My name is Sarah Paasch and I am a buoyantly curious and creative soul.  I thrive on making more meaning through uncovering depth and creating human connection. All of my work is driven by a deep passion for truth. Not the pretty, always easy to share, guaranteed approval or new follower kind of truth. No, that simply will not feed my soul's roots. My nourishment is found in the darker corners of the soul and my growth is fueled by the transformative process of shining light on these unclaimed spaces with love.  In my world, there is no wrong truth. I channel what's real and raw. I reframe what's scary and forgotten. I witness the kind of beauty most of the world misses when they seek within the shadows. It's an unconditional kind of soul searching that I journey upon. My path is messy, filled with sharp turns, dead ends and a beautiful alchemical magic. All of the work I create is for the purpose of returning to the truth of who we are beyond the stories and experiences, Love.


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How I Can Help

I serve others working as a Conscious-Living Coach, Evolutionary Astrologer, Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Intuitive Reiki Healer and spiritual companion to All.  I use a compassionate and intuitive approach to offer guidance for helping others see into the ways they may be holding themselves back. I offer practical ways to cultivate healing and increased self-compassion as the foundation of living for my students and clients. My passion is to honor and share my gifts in ways that help others reclaim their power to love themselves unconditionally and live a life of more authenticity and value.


conscious-living coaching

All coaching packages are designed to support you to clarify your intentions and desires for personal change. As a client, I support you to learn and apply sustainable transformation skills as you begin taking inspired action towards your vision. As a mirror of your potential, this coaching container will consistently call you forward and support you in moving through any obstacles along the way with more compassion and confidence. 1-on-1 coaching available in variety of packages. Purchase a package of single 90-minute sessions for a discounted rate or invest in the 3 or 6-month coaching programs available. ��

intuitive development coaching

I support highly sensitive individuals to heal and empower their relationship to their sensitivities. In a coaching container, I serve as a compassionate and honest mirror for your intuitive development, allowing you to rediscover the power of your emotions and intuitive gifts. In this coaching program, you will also complete live practice sessions with my support to help build your professional experience and practice with your gifts. This is an investment in refining your relationship to your internal guidance system and deepening your self-trust, so that you can fully share your unique and healing gifts with the world.

evolutionary astrology

In my work with archetypal astrology, I have found the practice to be a highly effective method for living with deeper intention and alignment to my soul’s evolutionary path. The more that we can understand the language of astrology, the more we can discover deeper meaning to our life circumstances. Astrology has given me a context and lens for understanding the balance of free-will and fate; I resonate with the idea that the universe needs our active participation, just as much as we need the ageless wisdom and guidance of something greater than ourselves.

My astrology reading style is a combination of intuitive, educational and conversational. Archetypal astrology works in layers, taking us deeper into personal self-awareness, self-acceptance and ultimately, authentic self-expression.


Shadow work course & workshops

As a light worker and healer, I have a strong passion for discovering, developing and implementing effective healing methods for integrating darkness. The in-depth 4-part course series, Shadow Work, is designed to support you in cultivating awareness around shadow work and developing practical strategies for sustainable healing. The material covers everything from an introduction and definition of “shadow work”, to shadow work in relationships. The course is available for purchase through the following:

I am also available for live transformational workshops including education, group discussions and shadow work exercises designed for personal transformation and awakening.



Growing deep

Conversations with Spirit


I believe astrology is a way for us to conversate and co-create with the Universe. Leaning into the collective transits for deeper listening allows for conscious participation with the energy, and further serves as an invitation to feel empowered and in alignment with what is. Join my channeled conversations with Spirit and grow deeper with your life.


Jupiter square Neptune and Mercury conjunct Saturn in Capricorn. Taking a hard look at how we are approaching the visions for the future and aligning to a steady and clear approach to taking action.

Away from the smog in cities, our hearts are drawn west, where the only dust is earth, and the only barrier is the sky. Head west for the silence that roars from a wild heart.
— Lily Moon River