My intention with all of my work, is to serve as a mirror of your greatest potential and unconditional worthiness, and to support you in your Soul evolution in ways that bring more ease, joy, love and freedom into your everyday life.

My services are all enhanced with extensive education and training in both Western and Eastern healthcare. In 2017, I transitioned out of my position as a Hospital Pharmacist, into a full-time profession as an Evolutionary Astrology and Conscious-Living Coach. I follow a personalized healing modality that combines my shared love of both science and spirit, with a focus on supporting my Clients in cultivating practical and sustainable changes for their lives.


45 minute

Manifesting Magic Activation | $150 | Virtual Session via ZOOM, recording of session included

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Are you looking to up-level your life to an even greater level of success and have more fun playing at the edges of your potential? Are you inspired to expand your magic and activate limitless manifestation possibilities?

If so, this session is for you!

My role Human Design Emotional Manifestor, is to initiate the creative potential within you using my precise intuitive clarity and dynamic activating energy. This session is an opportunity for you to gain greater clarity and energetic activation on any area of your life where you are looking to up-level your connection to your personal power and potential.

I apply my skills as a professional coach and intuitive healer to both listen for and inform you of any hidden barriers to your circumstance, and to call you forward past the current edges of your comfort zone.

You will receive an energetic activation that brings your awareness and action into alignment—aka you will feel clear and inspired to confidently take your next steps!

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Below is a great description from Gloria Constantin – Spiritual Mentor about the role of a Human Design Manifestor, and a window into the benefits of your investment in our session together.

“Manifestors absolutely have to be out in the world making things happen for their life. They are the billiard ball on the billiard table. A Manifestor who does not initiate will fry their circuits. You are an energy volcano, and if that energy has nowhere to go you will shut down. Your creativity will shut down — and you might also get sick. Your Life Purpose is often about leading change by sharing new ideas, pushing people beyond their comfort level, and empowering them to do things in new ways.”-Gloria Constantin – Spiritual Mentor



60 minute

Astrology Session | $222 | Virtual Session via ZOOM, recording of session included

There are infinite ways to rediscover what we think we know to be true about ourselves. The chart is a perfect tool to explore, embrace and integrate more of you.

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This evolutionary astrology session is used as a tool for developing greater self-awareness and direction in your life. My intention is for you to gain a deeper understanding of your unique gifts, challenges, and life purpose, translated through the map of your birth chart.

The astrological reading gives insight into understanding your True self by providing a wider perspective of the repeating themes and patterns revealed in your unique chart and helps guide your path more clearly towards self-actualization.

It additionally serves as a tool to participate with greater clarity and confidence with any current planetary transits activating your personal chart. I use your birth date/location/time (as exact as possible) to calculate your natal chart and reference throughout the session.

My background of study is archetypal astrology, bringing together a combination of the sciences of psychology and astronomy with mythology, symbolic interpretation and spiritual evolution. My style of reading is intuitive, conversational, and educational.


15-30 minute

Complimentary Consultation

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My intention with all of my work, is to serve as a mirror of your greatest potential. Please schedule a complimentary 15-30-minute consultation to see if my services are in support to your current needs and to learn more about my current 1-on-1 Coaching pricing and availability.


60 minute

Saturn Evolutionary Reading | $222 | Virtual Session via ZOOM, recording of session included

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Saturn is the ruler of our physical reality, the work that we contribute to the world, our authority over our lives, and archetypally informs major crossroads for personal growth and maturation. Working consciously with Saturn’s 28-year cycle in your birth chart is a way to align with the current phase of your evolution in your personal, spiritual and occupational life with the cosmos. In this reading, you will receive an understanding of the timing of specific Saturn transits and guided practical instruction on when and how you can most successfully work through expected challenges, and receive the gifts of this astrological transit.




In person

Book Sarah to Host a Live Workshop

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Sarah gives inspirational talks that empower, uplift, and inspire audiences to own their gifts and go for the gold. She is also available to host live workshops and group trainings for a variety of topics including evolutionary astrology, shadow work, and energy healing.



60 minute

Relationship Reading | $222 | Virtual Session via ZOOM, recording of session included

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Synastry is an astrology reading bringing together the natal charts of two individuals to highlight and better understand the planetary aspects influencing the relationship dynamics. A synastry reading is an opportunity for clients to better understand the true Soul Contract within the relationship and participate more consciously within the evolutionary parameters of the astrological influences.

The partner reading offers a supportive perspective on the significant astrological aspects occurring between individuals. Each relationship has points of natural harmony and areas of shared growth or challenge; this is something that can become more deeply and clearly understood with the guidance of astrological interpretation.

As with all of Sarah’s astrology readings, this is not a “good” or “bad” relationship survey. Her intention is for each individual to gain more self-awareness and a greater understanding and acceptance of the unique relationship dynamics between souls.

A synastry reading can be purchased for any family, friend, coworker, and romantic relationship, as long as both individuals consent to the reading together. A recording of the session is included with the purchase.